AudioMasters   529 N Polk St B Pineville,NC28134   (704) 889-5995
529 N Polk St B
PinevilleNC 28134
 (704) 889-5995

Reviews Of AudioMasters

4.94 31 Reviews
Terry Genay
May 31, 2018

These guys are amazing! They are honest, fair and know their stuff. You can not go wrong!

Ian Overcarsh
May 11, 2018

Out of 3 stores that I visited Adam was the only person that took the time to try and help find a solution to my stereo upgrade needs instead of just throwing prices at me. Adam gave me several options and ended up building me a custom box for my truck and it sounds fantastic!! Highly recommend Adam and AudioMasters for your car stereo needs!

Richard McAllister
Apr 25, 2018

Peter and Adam are top notch. Had about anything electronic done here for my Jeep. It is awesome.

Morgan Emma
Apr 25, 2018

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Such great customer service - would never go anywhere else in Charlotte to have my car hooked up !!!!

joe Coccia
Apr 04, 2018

In 2013 I had a "transit piece" installed in my 2008 Porsche Carrera S 911 by AudioMasters to enable connection of my iPhone (3 or 4?). Over the last three years I had the car laid up off the road in my garage due to out of state and overseas work (would periodically take a short spin to keep the car viable). I hadn't connected my last iPhone at all during that time. This past weekend I transferred the car (after a seriously thorough servicing to the tune of $3K to my son who is active duty USAF and stationed in Omaha, Nebraska at OFFUTT AFB. He flew in to CLT on Sat, we got the car fully serviced at Hendrick on Independence, we picked up a 10 day transit tag from NC DMV Monday morning, and yesterday at 0600 he hit the road for a planned 2 day 1100 mile drive back to Omaha. I completely forgot to tell him how to synch the attached iPhone to the right FM channel and completely forgot about the on/off rocker switch. I just said you can hook up you iPhone to the radio. Well, he did the entire 1100 mile trip in 1 day yesterday, arriving Omaha at 2230...and was stuck listening to way too many bible-belting local FM stations along the way :). I had forgotten the name of AudioMasters and tried using Google maps to zoom in on the geographic location I last knew...but apparently you guys moved. Well, I just took a shot and called you guys, started a long spiel hoping who ever answered would at least know how to explain to me how to get an iPhone 7 to connect to that 911's car stereo. The gentleman who answered the phone took my name and ...BINGO almost instantaneously he retrieved my service record from 2013 from your records and quickly & easily described what I had in the car and the simple procedures to achieve connectivity 2-3 generations of Apple attachments later! Incredible is all I can say! Thanks so much. I just called my son in Omaha, went thru the steps and SUCCESS! I can't thank you guys enough ! Well done. BRAVO!!! - Joe Coccia, CAPT, U.S.C.G., ret. NYC, NY

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